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11.30.17 |  State Officer Application
What better way to become a part of HOSA than to become a state officer. Anyone can apply and we have great positions available for everyone that are greatly rewarding. Click here for the State Officer Application.

7.14.16  |  New Competitive Event: Simulation Comes to HOSA!
With Inter-Professional Simulations (IPSs) becoming more and more common in colleges and universities, it’s no wonder that HOSA is planning to give its members a taste of this cutting edge way to learn.

The Health Care Team event consists of a written test on Teamwork and Leadership in Round 1, and a Round 2 component where the 5 person team responds to a patient emergency by assuming the roles of a variety of health professionals (respiratory therapist, 2 nurses, pharmacist and leader).

This event is in the Teamwork category and is being piloted by 5 states this year. Connecticut has volunteered to help with this event. We are planning to hold a demonstration of Round 2 of the event at our Fall Leadership Conference and to run the event at our 2017 State Leadership Conference. South Dakota is leading the development of this event. As we receive more information on this exciting new event, we’ll be passing it on.
~ Nancy Tipping, CT HOSA Co-Advisor

04.15.14 | My Experience with Competing at the National Level
When I attended the 2013 Spring Leadership Conference, I competed in the event ‘Job Seeking Skills’. In this event, the competitors had to prepare a job resume and cover letter for a medical job position. Then at the competition, the competitors filled out a job application and were interviewed for six minutes. I, as well as two other CT HOSA members tied for first place. This qualified me to compete at the National level! I was very nervous in the beginning, because I was competing against 70 of the nations finest competitors. Once I became comfortable, it was a really fun experience! I had to bring in a copy of the same resume and cover letter that I had used at the state level, and hand it in to the people running the event at registration. When you arrive at the conference, your advisor will tell you when and where your registration is. At registration, all of the competitors were given a job application to fill out and the time and place of your interview. I arrived early to my interview to make sure that I was on time just in case they were going faster than expected. During the interview, I was greeted by the two interviewers, and then asked ten questions. The questions do not pertain to your specific job, but your answers should.

So, in my case I applied for a hospital receptionist position, so I answered the questions accordingly. After the interview, all of the competitors received a participation certificate. Then, at the awards ceremony, the top ten competitors from each event were called up on stage and given a medal. I did not place in the top ten, but I really enjoyed the competition. Even though I did not win, I still practiced my interview skills, which will help me later in life when trying to find a job. My advice for anyone who wants to compete in this event would be to prepare. Make sure that you practice answering interview questions with your advisor, or your family and friends. This will help you become more comfortable for when you are talking to the judges. Talk to your advisor if you are interested in competing in an event, and make sure to visit the HOSA website for the competitions list and rules!
-Jessica Poirier, Parliamentarian of Connecticut State HOSA 2013-2014

02.12.14 | Scholarships
We are pleased to inform you that HOSA offers a scholarship for an outstanding HOSA member in the Connecticut chapter. The application form can be found on our Scholarships  page and it is a great way to earn scholarship money.  If you are interested, the application is due March 1st. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

02.04.14 |  Important Conference Registration and Payment
by Sarah Elliott, CT HOSA President-Elect
Our Spring Conference is quickly approaching and we are all looking forwards to the thrill of completing and hearing from our esteemed keynote speaker. This year’s conference is being held on March 28th at Gateway Community College in New Haven.

There are several important dates prior to this conference:
  • March 1st  All registration forms are due and students are to have chosen their event by this date.
  • March 14th  All money for the spring conference must be paid in full.

102.03.14  |  My HOSA Story
by Jessica Poirier, CT HOSA Parliamentarian
The first time that I heard about HOSA was during my junior year in high school. It was a few weeks into the school year when my medical teacher told the class that we would be holding elections for our HOSA chapter officers. These officers would be expected to run the weekly meetings and organize fundraisers. During the short amount of time that I was in the medical class, I had already realized that I really enjoyed what I was learning. All of the information was new and interesting, and I wanted to become more involved with the chapter.

Since I was so interested in the class, I decided that I would run for an officer position. After writing a speech and presenting in front of my class, I was elected President for my local HOSA chapter. During my time as President, I helped my other officers organize fundraisers to help out the community. An example of these fundraisers include a toy drive for a local hospital, a spare-change challenge for Cystic Fibrosis, and a candy-selling fundraiser for a sick girl in the community. Later in the school year, my teacher told me about the state HOSA chapter, and that there would be an opportunity to run for a state officer position at the 2013 Spring Leadership Conference. At first I was very nervous to run. I was never very good at public speaking, and I did not think that I could speak in front of members from the entire state. But, after a lot of consideration, I decided to take my chances and run for Parliamentarian. I wrote my speech and practiced every night up until the conference.

On the morning of the 2013 Spring Leadership Conference, I was elected Parliamentarian for the Connecticut State HOSA chapter. I was so  excited! I had never held a leadership position of this importance before, and I was very excited to see where it would take me. Every month, my fellow officers and I have meetings to plan out the Connecticut Conferences. So far, we have planned out and executed the 2013 Fall Leadership Conference, and are in the process of planning the 2014 Spring Leadership Conference. As the end of my junior year was rolling around, my teacher told me about one more exciting HOSA event: the National Leadership Conference. She had invited me to attend the conference that was to be held in Nashville Tennessee. In order to attend, I had to fundraise the money, but because I already had practice with organizing fundraisers with my local chapter, I was prepared for the job. In June, my teacher, a few other Connecticut HOSA members, and I took a plane to Nashville, where we stayed in a wonderful hotel for one week.

The National HOSA Conference was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to compete in an event against seventy of the nation’s finest competitors, as well as meet new people from all across the country. During my week’s stay, I attended meetings where I learned leadership skills that would help me better lead the Connecticut chapter, and I got to do a little sight seeing. The trip was amazing, and I hope to attend the 2014 National Leadership Conference this summer. HOSA has given me so much in the two short years that I have been involved in it. I learned to be comfortable with speaking in front of my peers, and learned important leadership skills. These skills will be important in so many aspects of my life, like school, my future job, etc. I also met so many amazing people through HOSA, and had the opportunity to have once in a lifetime experiences.

I will never regret joining HOSA, and I hope that by reading this, you will feel the same.

1.02.12 |  Important Changes to Competitive Events for 2012-13!
The following changes are now in effect:
  •   Prepared Speaking and Speaking Skills- The topic for the speech is no longer the national theme, this year it is "HOSA: Caring for the Future"
  •   Medical Reading is now an individual event with a written test only
  •   Concepts of Healthcare written test is now called Medical Law and Ethics
  •   Public Health Emergency Preparedness is now called Public Health
  •   Outstanding HOSA Chapter- The Scrapbook Rubric has been revised
  •   Chapter Newsletter has been renamed HOSA Happenings and will include multimedia chapter communications (web pages, electronic newsletters, etc.)
  •   National Recognition Program is changed to National Recognition Portfolio

10.29.12  |  Win a Prize in the CT HOSA Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis!!
The state officers announced at the Fall Leadership Conference that there will be a contest to see which HOSA chapter can earn the most money for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) this year.  A special prize will be awarded at the State Leadership Conference this spring.  You must submit a letter from the CFF acknowledging your chapter's contribution!  Watch the 6 minute video "Adding Tomorrows" on the   website or type "adding tomorrows" into the search box on

10.17.12  | Fall Leadership Conference
The Fall Leadership Conference was held at Naugatuck Valley Community College on October 16th, 2012.  According to the attendee evaluations, the two best parts of the day were the activities with the state officers and the nursing lab manikins that talked to the students in real time!

09.12.12   |  Fall Conference Will Be Held at Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC)
The Fall Leadership Conference will be held October 16th on the beautiful campus of Naugatuck Valley CC.  The Division of Allied Health, Nursing and Physical Education is sponsoring the conference.  The Division is made up of four nationally accredited health career programs:  nursing, physical therapist assistant, radiologic technology and respiratory care.  An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is also offered.

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