HOSA-Future Health Professionals is an international organization that has Chartered Associations. Within each Chartered Association there are local chapters.  HOSA is a student-led organization by elected State Officers and locally elected chapter officers.

Each year in Connecticut, hundreds of high school students, as well as post-secondary and middle school students, attend the Fall and the Spring State Leadership Conferences (SLC).  These conferences are planned and led by CT HOSA State Officers who are elected by their members during the Annual Spring State Leadership Conference with the guidance of the State Co-Advisors.

Activities foster the personal and professional growth needed for success in a healthcare career. Through HOSA activities, students practice many 21st Century Skills, including leadership, collaboration, teamwork, public speaking, and problem-solving.  They have fun while they expand their circle of friends to include highly motivated HOSA members throughout Connecticut.

Over 25+ competitive events are offered at the Spring State Leadership Conference, which is held every March in partnership with HOSA's International Competitive Events Program.  Student members compete for medals and recognition events against other HOSA members from their division: middle school, high school, and post-secondary. Students who place first, second and third are qualified to compete in that year’s   International Leadership Conference (ILC), which is held a various American cities. 
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The Connecticut HOSA 2019-20 State Officer Team
Back Row, Left to Right
Judith DeOliveira, President-Elect
Kayla Sokunle, VP of Community Outreach
Lisbette Acosta, VP of Communications
Zoe Till, VP of Development

Front Row, Left to Right
Lucas Shanahan, VP of Social Media
Syed Ali, State President
David Patrick, VP of Post-Secondary and Alumni

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